Say Hello 2014


United Steps 2014 Campaign is entitled “Say Hello”.  It’s very simple. Don’t just walk by, say hi. United Steps wants to encourage everyone in Los Angeles to say hello to a homeless person this year.


United Steps is a privately funded non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California. Our primary mission is to reverse the cycle of homelessness with practical methods.  In Southern California, we’ve developed a dangerous tolerance for assuming that having thousands of people living on the streets is acceptable. This is an embarrassing and shameful environment which has caused Los Angeles to become the capitol of homelessness in America.  The reality is that more than enough food, housing, and work opportunities are available.  However, not enough of the 13 million people are willing to be part of the solution; therefore the vast majority are part of the problem by default.   By doing outreach in Santa Monica, Venice, and Downtown L.A., United Steps illustrates the effectiveness of one on one interaction with members of a community who have been ignored and dismissed. Handouts are not the answer to addressing homelessness effectively and most often they perpetuate the circumstance.  In fact, the only solution is to reconnect people with productive roles in society in order to increase the chances for prosperity and fulfillment.


Call: 310-496-1843


Volunteer:  register online