Stacy Datt

Stacy Datt was born in Oxnard, CA. As a child, she loved to dance and attend science and English classes. Life for the cheery, energetic girl who was raised in Sacramento seemed to be a breeze. Yet, as Stacy continued to put on a happy face for the world to see, she was going through […]

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The Homeless Whisperer

by Kaliso Mwanza Three years ago, I was introduced to Charles Hill by a homeless woman named Janet Waldstein.  At the time, I was homeless and she said “You have to meet this guy.”  Jan and I were at a health clinic near Venice Beach and Mr. Hill was picking her up.  His greeting was […]

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Meet Tommy Welch

As he holds his head high, Tommy Welch displays a pleasant smile that exudes confidence. He is a productive man. Along with operating a shoe shining business, Mr. Welch works diligently on gang intervention, coordinating community events, and helping people find the resources they need. He has always looked to serve the people around him, […]

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Janet Waldstein

Janet Waldstein When people are homeless they generally want housing, although there are a few exceptions. Some people actually enjoy their lifestyle of eternal camping, depending on the location. With an amused tone, they often refer to this as “rent-less” living. Those who revel in that lifestyle frequently exemplify the classic bindle-bearing, freight-train-hopping, canned-bean-eating hobo. […]

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An Interview with Victor Mackey

Kaliso Mwanza Reporting from Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Until recently, 51-year-old Victor Mackey was homeless and living on the streets of Los Angeles. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Victor moved to Los Angeles as a child with his family about forty years ago. He completed high school locally and went on to attend El Camino […]

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