United Steps 2012 Campaign is entitled “Say Hello 2012”.  It’s very simple. Don’t just walk by, say hi.  United Steps wants to encourage everyone in Los Angeles to say hello to a homeless person this year. Click HERE to join the campaign! I will say hello to a homeless person this year.

Are you interested in a job with United Steps?

United Steps currently has the following positions open:

Field Representative I (20 hrs per week, $10/hr)

Field Representative II (20 hrs per week, $10/hr)

Operations Coordinator (25 hrs per week, $15/hr)

Social Media Director (15 hrs per week, $10/hr)

You can read more about the positions on the United Steps Job Descriptions sheet.

The Application process is as follows:

Step 1: Please email a resume as a Word or PDF document using the form below.

Step 2: United Steps is a unique non profit in that it’s mission includes engaging homeless people “one to one” and having conversations with them. You can find out more about that approach at http://www.unitedsteps.org .  What we are asking next is for you to write a 2-3 paragraph piece about a homeless person in Los Angeles and what they are willing to do to end their homeless circumstance. This will require engaging a homeless individual in a 5 minute conversation.  This is an regular exercise at United Steps, no matter what position, so it’s also a chance to walk out part of the United Steps approach to see if there’s a good match with the organization’s approach and you. Please email this writing sample using the form below. Please note: This requires an actual conversation by applicant with an individual who is homeless.

Step 3: United Steps will then review those submissions and schedule phone interviews based on the resumes and writing samples. If you choose to move forward in this process, writing samples can be submitted using the form below. You can also further lean about the United Steps approach to reversing the cycle of homelessness by attending a United Steps Event listed on the United Steps Calendar. You may do this prior to or after submitting your writing sample.

Step 4: Prior to any official job offer, we ask candidates to volunteer for 4-8 hours with United Steps. Every non-profit is different and it gives applicants a chance to see if United Steps is a good fit for them and if they are a good fit for United Steps.

Thank you for your interest in working with United Steps.

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